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Did you find your dream house after a visit to one of our houses or apartments?
If you wish to qualify for an apartment or house from our database you need to meet the following condition:

  • You have to have an income that is 3 times the net  rent including services charges. (A second income can only be counted for 50 per cent):
  • A minimum age of 18 years:
  • No registration at the Credit Registration Office.

If you meet these conditions we would like to receive the following documents:

  • Copy of your passport/ identity card (front and back from applicant and any co-applicant)
  • Recent employer's declaration (from applicant and any co-applicant)
  • Recent payslips from the last three months (from applicant and any co-applicant)
  • 3 x bank statement of the account where your salary is deposited (from applicant and any co-applicant)
  • Annual statement (from applicant and any co-applicant)
  • Recent mortgagees statement from your bank (if you are in possession of a house)
  • Landlord statement from your current landlord (if you currently rent a house)
  • Excerpt population from your current residential community with your living history (from applicant and any co-applicant)

When you are a business owner or when you are retired you can find the necessary documents in the application form. When we have received all the documents, a credit check will be executed prior to rental period.

Lessor shall at all times charge a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the personal situation. The standard deposit is 1 month rent including service costs but can be higher when necessary.